Bad credit mortgages

Bad credit mortgages

We are specialists at finding the right lender for the right borrower. With over 150 lenders, we know who can “push the envelope” in situations involving bad credit mortgages. We are able to assist borrowers with low credit scores, even into the 400’s. The amount of financing available will vary based on your score and number of tradelines that have been reported on your credit report.

If you are short on tradelines, some of our lenders allow “alternative trade lines” to be added to your credit report as a supplement for qualifying on a loan program. These tradelines may consist of other types of monthly bills which you have paid on time with such as a utility bill, a phone bill, car insurance, or other similar monthly obligation. The payment history on these is normally documented with 12 months cancelled checks.

Bad credit mortgage refinances are one of our specialities. We have lenders that require no seasoning on homeownership and enable you to use your current market value to refinance your home. Thus, if you recently purchased your home at a bargain price, and now wish to pull out cash, this is possible even with a bad credit mortgage refinance.

We have bad credit mortgage purchase money available to 100% of your home equity with as little as a 575 middle credit score. We can go to 95% with a 525 score or higher. You need to have a few tradelines established to qualify and also meet the other standard underwriting guidelines. For more information pertinant to your situation, give us a call and we’ll let you know what you qualify for in terms of a mortgage.

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